Crepis incana Sm.

Crepis incana Sm.


    Taxon info

    Crepis incana is endemic to mountains of Peloponnisos, Sterea Ellas and Evvia, being replaced in Kriti by the similar C. sibthorpiana. It is one the two pink-flowered species of the genus (the other is the annual C. rubra). Both C. incana and C. sibthorpiana grow on rocky limestone outcrops at (1000–)1500–2400 m, flowering rather late (July to September).A
    A. Dimopoulos, P., Raus, Th., Bergmeier, E. & al., Vascular plants of Greece: An annotated checklist. 31. 2013: p. 324 [Plate 4.4]


    IoI NPi SPi Pe StE EC NC NE NAe WAe Kik KK EAe 

    Greece (East Aegean islandsabsent; East Central Greeceabsent; Ionian Islandsabsent; Kikladesabsent; Kriti and Karpathosabsent; North Aegean islandsabsent; North Central Greeceabsent; North Pindosabsent; North-East Greeceabsent; Peloponnisospresent; South Pindosabsent; Sterea Ellaspresent; West Aegean islandspresent)




    Greek endemic




    Temperate and submediterranean Grasslands, High mountain vegetation

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