Anthemis rhodensis Boiss.

Anthemis rhodensis Boiss.


    Taxon info

    Anthemis rhodensis is a little-known local endemic of Rodos, where it is confined to rocky serpentine outcrops near the village of Laerma. It was described already by Boissier, based on a specimen collected by Aucher-Éloy in 1836, but later misinterpreted. Collections listed as A. rhodensis in Flora Aegaea (pp. 625–626. 1944) represent in fact A. cretica, probably subsp. leucanthemoides. Several other rare and local species are found in the small serpentine area by Laerma, e.g. Aethionema arabicum, Allium junceum, Cerastium dominici and Gypsophila confertifolia.A
    A. Dimopoulos, P., Raus, Th., Bergmeier, E. & al., Vascular plants of Greece: An annotated checklist. 31. 2013: p. 322 [Plate 3.5]


    IoI NPi SPi Pe StE EC NC NE NAe WAe Kik KK EAe 

    Greece (East Aegean islandspresent; East Central Greeceabsent; Ionian Islandsabsent; Kikladesabsent; Kriti and Karpathosabsent; North Aegean islandsabsent; North Central Greeceabsent; North Pindosabsent; North-East Greeceabsent; Peloponnisosabsent; South Pindosabsent; Sterea Ellasabsent; West Aegean islandsabsent)




    Greek endemic




    Xeric Mediterranean Phrygana and grasslands

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