Ornithogalum exscapum Ten.

Ornithogalum exscapum Ten.


    • "Ornithogalum nanum" auct. fl. graec., non Sm., err. sec. Dimopoulos, Raus, Bergmeier, Constantinidis, Iatrou, Kokkini, Strid & Tzanoudakis 20131
    • 1. Dimopoulos, P., Raus, Th., Bergmeier, E. & al., Vascular plants of Greece: An annotated checklist. 31. 2013


    IoI NPi ?SPi Pe ?StE NAe 

    Greece (Ionian Islands present; North Aegean islands present; North Pindos present; Peloponnisos present; South Pindos doubtfully present; Sterea Ellas doubtfully present)


    Native / Non Range-Restricted




    Geophyte (Cryptophyte)


    Xeric Mediterranean Phrygana and grasslands, Temperate and submediterranean Grasslands

    IUCN category

    Not Evaluated

    Presidential Decree 67/81



    A chiefly Italian species with a transadriatic range comprising westernmost Greece from Kerkira and Vikos to Mt. Killini. Records from other parts of Greece (Landström (1989: 22, 30; Strid & Tan 1991: 690) refer to O. collinum (Speta 1990a: 116, 157, 162). Conspecifity of both taxa, as erroneously presumed by Landström (1989, followed in Strid & Tan 1991), is incorrect. O. exscapum exhibits an epigeal cotyledon, O. collinum on the contrary a hypogeal cotyledon. The former is rare, the latter abundant in Greece (see Speta 1990a for details).

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