Muscari weissii Freyn

Muscari weissii Freyn


  • Bellevalia weissii Freyn
  • Bellevalia maritima subsp. weissii (Freyn) Nyman
  • Leopoldia weissii Freyn
  • =Bellevalia sartoriana (Heldr.) Nyman
  • =Leopoldia neumannii Böhnert & Lobin
  • =Leopoldia theraea Heldr.
  • Bellevalia theraea (Heldr.) Nyman
  • Muscari theraeum (Heldr.) Boiss.


IoI NPi SPi Pe StE EC NAe WAe Kik KK EAe 

Greece (East Aegean islands present; East Central Greece present; Ionian Islands present; Kiklades present; Kriti and Karpathos present; North Aegean islands present; North Pindos present; Peloponnisos present; South Pindos present; Sterea Ellas present; West Aegean islands present)


Native / Non Range-Restricted


East Mediterranean


Geophyte (Cryptophyte)


Xeric Mediterranean Phrygana and grasslands, Woodlands and scrub, Cliffs, rocks, walls, ravines, boulders

IUCN category

Not Evaluated

Presidential Decree 67/81



According to the characters given, the recently described Leopoldia neumannii clearly turns out to be conspecific with Muscari weissii (see Appendix II). The authors (Böhnert & Lobin 2017) merely failed to consider the latter for comparison. The generic concept of Muscari Mill. (incl. Muscari subgen. Leopoldia (Parl.) Zahar. = Leopoldia Parl.) is accepted for the Flora of Greece project following Davis & Stuart (in Tutin & al. 1980: 46, corroborated by Speta 1982) who state that the differences between the subgenera within Muscari are considered to be of minor taxonomic importance.

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