Jacobaea vulgaris Gaertn.

Jacobaea vulgaris Gaertn.


    • =Senecio jacobaea L.


    IoI NPi SPi Pe StE EC NC NE NAe WAe Kik KK EAe 

    Greece (East Aegean islandsabsent; East Central Greecepresent; Ionian Islandsabsent; Kikladesabsent; Kriti and Karpathosabsent; North Aegean islandsabsent; North Central Greecepresent; North Pindospresent; North-East Greecepresent; Peloponnisosabsent; South Pindospresent; Sterea Ellasabsent; West Aegean islandsabsent)




    European-SW Asian




    Temperate and submediterranean Grasslands, Agricultural and Ruderal habitats


    Distribution of different subspecies in Greece unsettled so far. Plants from NE with basal leaves being subentire or showing a large terminal lobe instead of being deeply pinnatifid as in J. vulgaris subsp. vulgaris were identified as J. vulgaris subsp. gotlandica (Neuman) B. Nord., a steppic element with a pontic-pannonian range extending to the islands of Öland and Gotland in eastern Sweden. It possibly deserves species rank due to genetic discontinuities with J. vulgaris subsp. vulgaris (Wysk & al. 2009). Similar collections have been seen from SPi and NPi (B!, Th. Raus).

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