Ophrys sphegodes subsp. litigiosa (E.G. Camus) Bech.

Ophrys sphegodes subsp. litigiosa (E.G. Camus) Bech.



    • =Ophrys tommasinii Vis.
    • Ophrys aranifera subsp. tommasinii (Vis.) E.G. Camus
    • Ophrys sphegodes subsp. tommasinii (Vis.) Soó


    The peri-adriatic range of this chiefly Central and SW European taxon does not comprise Greece (Euro+Med 2006–, Dimopoulos 2013: 155, 287). Supposed occurrences in IoI (Corfu, Keller & Soó 1931: 52, 388 under O. aranifera subsp. tommasinii) and KK (Crete, Landwehr 1977: 398) have not been confirmed (see also Baumann & al. 2006: 198, under O. sphegodes subsp. tommasinii). Considered absent from Greece (Pedersen & Faurholdt 2007: 180, Euro+Med 2006-) but reported from IoI (Hayek 1933: 380), probably in error.

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