The Sulawesi Begonia Data Portal is an authoritative source of information about Begonia species from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The portal contains data on 51 currently accepted species (10/12/2018) compiled by an international network of Begonia specialists, and aims at facilitating the discovery and description of new Begonia species in this underexplored region.Sulawesi physical map

The purpose of the data portal is to interest naturalists, Begonia enthusiasts and professional botanists by providing

● an up-to-date checklist of Sulawesi Begonia,

species pages with descriptions, distributional data and maps, images and various other kinds of information,

● means for identification including keys, descriptions and images.


Towards an online platform for Flora Malesiana

The Sulawesi Begonia Data Portal makes full use of the Common Data Model (CDM) Library, a central component of the Internet Platform for Cybertaxonomy being developed at the BGBM (EDIT workpackage 5). All taxon pages are created as dynamic webpages from the underlying data store. This database backbone and available bulk import and export functions are currently evaluated as basis for an online platform for the Flora Malesiana project. A data portal, providing data based on xml mark-up of more than 4,800 pages containing more than 4,150 taxon descriptions of published Flora Malesiana volumes, is currently under development: the Flora Malesiana Data Portal.