Begonia heteroclinis Miq. ex Koord. in Meded. Lands Plantentuin 19: 484. 1898

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  • Petermannia

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Asia-Tropical:, Sulawesi (Sulawesiendemic)
Endemic to Indonesia, Sulawesi, North Sulawesi.


  • This species had been assigned to § Sphenanthera in error, as it has dehiscent fruit with distinct wings. I have re-assigned it here to § Petermannia, as it has (i) bifid placentae, (ii) male flowers with two tepals and (iii) two female flowers at the base of a larger cymose male inflorescence. The specimen collected by de Vriese and Teijsmann in L (annotated by Miquel) is a possible syntype, although the protologue refers only to the "original exemplar von Miquel in Herb. Hort. Bog.", without collector information. (Hughes, M. An annotated checklist of Southeast Asian Begonia. 2008)