1Leaves long and finely acute at the apex, entirely glabrous. Endocarp 8-9 mm long with a dorsal wing 1 mm broad and lateral cucullate crests 2-3 mm broad
1'Leaves rounded or broadly pointed at the apex, hairy, at least on the petioles.
2Lateral crests on endocarp with fimbriate margins. Endocarps 9-11 by 10-11 mm. Australia
2'Lateral crests on endocarp with margins entire or bearing a few teeth.
3Endocarps up to 6 mm long.
3'Endocarps 10-18 mm long, with a dorsal 3-4 mm broad wing, and lateral 4-5 mm broad cucullate crests
4Endocarps 4-5 mm long with lateral crests scarcely 1 mm broad, bearing a few teeth along the margins.Sepals tomentellous
4'Endocarps 6 mm long with lateral cucullate crests 3 mm broad, entire at the margins. Sepals sparsely puberulous