1Corolla infundibuliform; stamens completely included in the corolla tube
1'Corolla rotate, salverform or somewhat infundibuliform; stamens clearly exserted from the corolla tube
2Flowers pendulous; corona absent
2'Flowers pendulous or not; corona present
3Corona with antipetalous lobes divided more than half way to base giving the whole corona a fimbriate look
3'Corona with antipetalous lobes entire or divided less than half way to base
4Antipetalous corona lobes deeply divided or at least strongly dentate
4'Antipetalous corona lobes entire or at most weakly crenate
5Gynoecium syncarpous; fruits solitary. — Philippines
5'Gynoecium apocarpous but united into a single style; fruits paired. — Widespread
6Corolla tube 3.8-4 mm long; stamens inserted in the upper half of the corolla tube
6'Corolla tube 1.8-2.8 mm long; stamens inserted in the lower half or around the middle of the corolla tube
7Corolla tube 3.7-10 mm long, 1.7-5.5 times as long as sepals. — Philippines
7'Corolla tube c. 3.5 mm long, c. 1.6-1.9 times as long as sepals. — New Britain