1Stipe of ♀ flowers (1-)2-6 mm, in fruit (1-)3-13 mm. Gynophore in fruit 8-30 mm. Fruits (4-)6-13 cm, mostly with acute apex. Stipe of ♂ flowers 5-15 mm, as long as to longer than the remainder of the flower. Leaves orbicular to lanceolate-linear in outline with cordate to acute base, palmately to pinninerved, venation distinct or not.
1'Stipe of ♀ flowers c. 1 mm, in fruit 1-2 mm. Gynophore in fruit 3-13 mm. Fruits 2-7 cm. Stipe of ♂ flowers 3-8 mm, as long as to shorter than the remainder of the flower. Leaves orbicular to ovate in outline, with cordate to truncate base, mostly palmately nerved, venation distinct beneath.
2Leaves subherbaceous to coriaceous, orbicular to lanceolate(-linear), entire to deeply 5-lobed, base cordate to acute, nerves palmate to pinnate, margin entire or dentate. Gland-bearing auricles well marked off from the blade, glands limited to the auricles.
2'Leaves strongly coriaceous, ovate-oblong to oblong, entire, base rounded to subacute, nerves pinnate, margin entire. Gland-bearing auricles broadly adnate with the blade, the glands extended on the blade.
3Leaves mostly membranous, margin entire. Marginal glands mostly absent. Gland-bearing auricles ± peltately connate, sometimes free. Stipe of ♂ flowers about as long as the remainder of the flower. Filaments connate about halfway. Fruits 4-7 cm, apex obtuse.
3'Leaves ± coriaceous, margin entire or dentate. Marginal glands present. Gland-bearing auricles free. Stipe of ♂ flowers shorter than the remainder of the flower. Filaments more than halfway connate.
4Leaves (sub)orbicular, up to 1 cm acuminate, distinctly reticulate at both sides. Fruits 2-3½ (-4) cm, apex obtuse. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, southern S. Vietnam (Cochinchina).
4'Leaves suborbicular to ovate, 1-2 cm acuminate, reticulate only beneath. Fruits 4½-7 cm, apex acute. Great Coco I., Andamans & Nicobars.