Nepenthes truncata

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Nepenthes truncata


Terrestrial shrub to at least 1 m tall, probably not climbing. Leaves thickly coriaceous, strongly petiolate, blade of short stems subrectangular to obtriangular, widest at the apex, to 45 by 22 cm, several cm wider at the apex than the base, apex ± deeply emarginate or retuse, base truncate to shallowly cordate, margin ± undulate; Inflorescence incompletely known, length unknown, peduncle to 30 by 1 cm, partial peduncles 2-flowered, 7 mm long; Fruit valve 2.5-3.8 cm long. Seed unknown.


Agusan: present Asia-Tropical:, Philippines (Philippinespresent) Mindanao: present Surigao: present
Philippines: Mindanao (Surigao&Agusan Provinces).




1 Nepenthes truncata is not likely to be confused with any other species on account of its strikingly truncate to deeply notched leaf blade apex, large size and lid with a basal glandular crest. The species appears to be very restricted in distribution, being found only in the highly ultramafic north-eastern corner of Mindanao as are N. bellii, N. merrilliana, and N. petiolata. Nepenthes truncata shows affinities to the N. maxima group in its strongly petiolate leaves, appendaged pitcher lid, 2-flowered partial peduncles and the venation of the leaf blade. Nepenthes truncata is still only known from a few fragmentary collections. 2. Macfarlane cites two collections in the protologue, one (Bolster 270) comprising a small, juvenile leaf, the other (Allen 191), which is illustrated, a large mature leaf. Although we have not been able to see the PENN material, this latter specimen seems the most appropriate for lectotypification.


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