Nepenthes petiolata

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Nepenthes petiolata


Terrestrial climber to at least 1 m tall. Leaves thinly chartaceous, petiolate, blade elliptic-oblong, 10-15 by 3-5.5 cm, apex acute, base cuneate, tapering into the petiole; Inflorescence unknown. Fruit and seed unknown.


Agusan: present Asia-Tropical:, Philippines (Philippinespresent) Mindanao: present Surigao: present
Philippines: Mindanao (Agusan&Surigao Provinces).




2. This species is only known from three incomplete specimens. No fertile material is known. The affinities of this species are unclear and more collections are needed if this is to be rectified. 1 Characterised by its slender pitchers which lack appendages on the lower surface, by its thin, deeply flanged peristome ribs, with long flattened teeth, and also by the petiolate leaves. Nepenthes petiolata is unlikely to be confused with any other Mindanaoan species. Nepenthes mira is probably the most similar Philippine species but differs in the broadly ellipsoid lower pitchers and infundibuliform upper pitchers.


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