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Shrubs or (large) trees (with a slender unbranched stem), monoecious (or dioecious in M. reticulatus?). Leaves paripinnate, leaflets larger towards the top, 1-6-jugate, no pseudo-stipules or wings; Inflorescences pseudoterminal, axillary, and ramiflorous thyrses, nearly always branching, branches erect to spreading; Flowers unisexual. Petals 0-5, minute to slightly longer than the calyx, apert, clawed or not; Stamens (5-)8(-9), exserted; Fruits a loculicid-ally dehiscent capsule, nearly always stipitate (only up to 1 mm high in M. paradoxus), not lobed, not winged, the cells about equally developed but the ovules abortive in (1 or) 2 cells, red, smooth; Seeds (hanging by the pseudo-funicle):


Asia-Tropical, Australasia, SE Asia present
15 species from SE Asia, throughout Malesia to Australia; in Malesia 9 species, 1 undescribed.


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