Nepenthes gymnamphora

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Nepenthes gymnamphora


Terrestrial climber to 15(-40) m tall. Leaves thinly coriaceous, sessile or subpetiolate; Seeds filiform, 6-15 mm long.


Asia-Tropical:, Borneopresent W and C Java: present
W and C Java (one apparent record from Borneo, see Jebb & Cheek 1997: 92).




Nepenthes gymnamphora is the only Javanese montane species of the genus. It is most similar to N. pectinata of C Sumatra. Nepenthes pectinata is distinguished from N. gymnamphora by several characters; in overall architecture it differs in that the upper leaves rarely produce pitchers; the upper leaves are more gradually attenuated to their bases, with broadly winged and scarcely discernible petioles and are decurrent as wings for several cm on the stem, unlike the shortly amplexicaul base of leaves of N. gymnamphora; the pitchers have a more rounded, urceolate form, with a narrow mouth, and the peristome drawn out into a longer neck; N. pectinata usually has a denser indumentum, and the inner peristome margin has larger teeth than that of N. gymnamphora.


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