Haematocarpus validus

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Haematocarpus validus


Branchlets slightly puberulous or glabrous. Leaves: Inflorescences axillary, cauliflorous (or terminal) paniculate or subracemose, slightly puberulous or glabrous, up to 50 cm long with lateral branches up to 9 cm.


Asia-Tropical: Sumatera (Sumatera present), Atjeh present, Priangan present, S. Palembang present, SE. Asia present, Simalur I present, Tjadasmalang present, W. Java present
SE. Asia; in Malesia: Sumatra (Atjeh, 1 coll.; Simalur I., 2 coll.; S. Palembang), W. Java (Priangan: Tjadasmalang, 1 coll.).


The very few known specimens of this species show a considerable range of characters, especially amongst the Assam specimens, three of which MIERS regarded as three distinct species.


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