Nepenthes klossii

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Nepenthes klossii


Terrestrial shrub or climber (?) to unknown height. Leaves coriaceous, petiolate, those of the climbing stems lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, 18-25 by 6.5-9 cm, apex obtuse, base gradually or abruptly tapering; Fruit c. 15 mm long. Seeds unknown.


Asia-Tropical:, New Guineapresent (Irian Jayapresent) Nassau Mts: present Wissel Lakes: present
New Guinea: Irian Jaya (Nassau Mts and Wissel Lakes).




1 The lid appendages, leaf venation and 2-flowered partial peduncles of N. klossii show that it is closely related to the highly variable N. maxima. Eyma’s collection of this species from the Wissel Lakes area, indicate that N. klossii and N. maxima may well grow together (Eyma 4893 = N. klossii, Eyma 4894 = N. maxima). The distinction between the two species is slight, and lies in the denser pubescence, thicker leaf blade, and the forward-directed mouth of N. klossii, and, in the absence of the evidence of their sympatry we would be less inclined to recognise N. klossii. 2. Only three collections of this species have been made, the Kloss collections from the Nassau Mts, and Eyma’s Wissel Lakes collection. Eyma’s collection (4893) is undoubtedly a good match for Danser’s specimen (Kloss s.n., BO) and shows features which are obscure on the Kloss specimen (due to the manner in which they have been pressed and mounted), notably the distinctive ‘hooded’ appearance of the pitcher mouth, and the presence of 2 crest-like appendages on the underside of the lid as opposed to the single crest observed by Danser.


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