Nephrolepis hirsutula

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Nephrolepis hirsutula


Habit, rhizome morphology. Hairs absent from lamina and costae.


Indochina; in Malesia: Throughout; Australia: Queensland; Pacific islands.


Nephrolepis hirsutula differs from N. brownii (N. multiflora auct.), with which it has been extensively confused, in the sori placed less close to the margin, sometimes nearly medial; the dense, rufous rhachis scales with very strongly dentate acumen; and the glabrous upper surface of costae. In contrast, N. brownii has usually sparser, paler rhachis scales, with a longer, nearly always entire narrow apex. The combination of the rufous, dense, rhachis indument and glabrous upper surface of the costae is characteristic for N. hirsutula, while the position of the sori is more variable. In case of doubt, the glabrous upper costa-surface is usually decisive.


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