Orchidantha fimbriata

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Orchidantha fimbriata


Leaves up to 130 cm long; petiole with sheath up to 30 cm long; lamina light green, up to 100 by 15 cm, base narrowly decurrent, margin undulate. Inflorescence little branched; prophyll c. 18 mm long; intermediate bracts up to 7 cm long; floral bracts dull purple, up to 15 cm. Sepals reflexed, 11-14 by 2 cm, gradually narrowed to the mucro- nate apex; margin strongly recurved during anthesis, later flattening, dark dull purple throughout or green with purple base. Lateral petals cream with dark purple tip and base, up to 27 by 6 mm, narrowly triangular, apex filiform. Stamens 24 mm long; filaments 3 mm, flushed with purple; anthers cream coloured. Ovary purple, 12-20 mm long including extension, distal part 4 mm diam.; style c. 2 cm long, purplish, wiry; stigma c. 2.4 cm long, white at base, divided towards apex into 3 narrow, dark purple, shining lobes, distally fimbriate for 5-6 mm. Fruit c. 8.5 cm long including the extension. Seeds hairy, c. 10 mm long; aril lobes up to 15 mm long.


Asia-Tropical: West Malaysia: Perak, Selangor, Pahang, Trenganu and S Johore: present
Malesia: West Malaysia: Perak, Selangor, Pahang, Trenganu and S Johore.