Pajanelia longifolia

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Pajanelia longifolia


Evergreen, small to large tree up to 30 m, 1 m Ø, changing leaves before flowering. Leaves 1-pinnate, 8-12-jugate, 40-120cm; Flowers with a soapy smell, pale yellowish, inside dull-purple shaded. Capsule stiped, 30-45 by 5-9 cm (incl. the 2-3 cm wide, often splitting wings), with a dorsal ridge, and a corky margin on which the wings; Seeds in rows on each margin of the septum, curved, 2¼-3 by ¾-l¼ cm (incl. the hyaline wings).


Asia-Tropical:, Philippines (Philippinespresent) Atjeh: cultivated
As the genus. Erroneously recorded for the Philippines by . Rarely planted (Atjeh). .


Indian authors cite it as being evergreen, but in the Natuna Is. I found it shortly deciduous. KURZ found it in Burma an evergreen tree. He recorded it from the Andaman Is. as Very abundant in the leafless jungles', that is: monsoon forest (). PARKINSON gave no definite clue on the leaf change.
The calyx contains water in bud, like other coarse-flowered members (Spathodea, Oroxylum, etc.).


GAMBLE () said it is a good timber with close-grained wood. PARKINSON l.c. found it common in the Andaman Is. where it is used for canoes, planking, and boat-building; timber smells like teak and seems to withstand attacks of white ants. KURZ (1870) recorded the largest tree with a trunk of 2 m Ø. In the Natuna Is. it is estimated for building boats.
In the latter islands a decoction of leaves is used against fever; in Malaya a hot fermentation is applied on the body for stomach disorders ().


For obscure reasons BEDDOME (l.c.) found this anomalous in the family, its flower reminded of Jasmineae; but he also included Schrebera (OIeaceae).


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