Indovethia calophylla

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Indovethia calophylla


Shrublet c. 1 m. Leaves oblanceolate, 10-35 by 2½-8½ cm, acute to acuminate at apex, tapering at base, biserrulate, membranous, stouter nerves 3-7½ mm apart. Stipules compound, the segments unequal, lanceolate, 5-10 by 2-4 mm, margin lacerate. Inflorescences 5-20 cm long; Flowers erect. Sepals suborbicular to obovate, 3½-5 by 3-3½ mm, margins denticulate. Petals obovate, 3-4 by 2-3 mm. Stamens with flattened filaments 0.2-0.4 mm long; Ovary subglobose, c. 1 mm ø; Fruit subglobose, up to 12 mm ø, papillate. Seeds c. 0.8 by 0.2 mm, areolate.


Asia-Tropical, Central E. Sumatra present, NW. Borneo present, Riouw Prov present, Sarawak, 1st Div present, W. Borneo, NE. of Pontianak present
Malesia: Central E. Sumatra (Riouw Prov.), NW. Borneo (Sarawak, 1st Div.; W. Borneo, NE. of Pontianak).


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