Ficus bracteata

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Ficus bracteata


Tree up to 15 m tall, hemi-epiphytic or (secondarily?) terrestrial. internal hairs present, short, crinkled, and brown. Leaves spirally arranged; stipules 2-6 cm long, ± densely brown floccose-tomentose to -subvillous, subpersistent. Ovary red.


Asia-Tropical:, Borneopresent; Cambodia (Cambodiapresent); Malaya (Peninsular Malaysiapresent); Sumatera (Sumaterapresent); Thailand (Thailandpresent); Vietnam (Vietnampresent)
Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam; in Malesia: Sumatra, Malay Peninsula, Borneo (?).


1The species shows close affinities to F. consociata from which it clearly differs in the ± sunken ostiole. 2The presence in Borneo (see Corner 1965: 15) is not certain as no records could be found.


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