Ficus delosyce

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Ficus delosyce


Tree up to c. 25 m tall, hemi-epiphytic or (secondarily?) terrestrial. internal hairs absent. Leaves spirally arranged to subdistichous; stipules 0.5-1(-1.2) cm long, glabrous (or densely and minutely white puberulous), caducous. Ovary reddish.


Asia-Tropical:, Borneopresent; Malaya (Peninsular Malaysiapresent); Sumatera (Sumaterapresent) Banka: present
Malesia: Sumatra (Banka), Malay Peninsula, Borneo.


1The ± pronouncedly conical ostiole is characteristic for this species. But in general it resembles F. sumatrana, in particular Form C. One may wonder whether the difference in the apex of the fig receptacle justifies separation on the species level or should be regarded as variation similar to that in F. acamptophylla. 3The species is morphologically close to F. acamptophylla, from which it mainly differs in the smaller fig receptacle, the more slender petiole, the usually shorter stipules, and the different variation of the shape of the lamina. 2Two forms can be distinguished: one with an acuminate apex of the lamina and the other with a rounded to obtuse apex (confined to northern Borneo). The material from Banka (Kostermans et al. 354) is somewhat distinct by the dense minute indumentum on various parts, the stiffly coriaceous lamina with revolute margins, and upper ostiolar bracts which are hardly imbricate.


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