Ficus spathulifolia

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Ficus spathulifolia


Tree up to 25 m tall, hemi-epiphytic or (secondarily?) terrestrial. internal hairs absent. Leaves spirally arranged; stipules 0.5-1(-1.2) cm long, glabrous (or white puberulous), caducous. Ovary reddish.


Asia-Tropical:, Borneopresent; Malaya (Peninsular Malaysiapresent) Western: present
Malesia: Sumatra (western), Malay Peninsula, Borneo.


2 Whether the species occurs in Vietnam with var. annamensis Corner () is not certain. The material on which this taxon is based might represent a distinct endemic species. 1The species is distinctive by the mostly invisible tertiary and smaller venation at the lower surface of the lamina.


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