Ficus miqueliana

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Ficus miqueliana


Tree up to c. 30 m tall, hemi-epiphytic or (secondarily?) terrestrial. internal hairs absent. Leaves spirally arranged; stipules (0.5-)1-1.5 cm long, glabrous (or partly sparsely and minutely white appressed-puberulous), caducous, often with a distinct median part. Ovary partly red.


Asia-Tropical:, Jawa (Jawa present)
Malesia: Java (eastern).


1Material included in this species was treated as F. subgelderi var. rigida by Corner (1960: 387). Ficus miqueliana differs from F. subgelderi (as currently defined) by the absence of hairs on the surfaces of the lamina, on the petiole, and mostly also on the leafy twig, the petiole, and the basal bracts of the fig. The fig receptacle is smaller and different in shape and the ostiole is closed instead of open. The basal lateral veins depart from the midrib well above the base of the lamina, a feature also found in F. crassiramea and F. sundaica. 2 This species is endemic to a small area in eastern Java.