Nepenthes mikei

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Nepenthes mikei


Terrestrial climber to 3(-9) m tall. Leaves coriaceous, sessile, rosette leaves narrowly oblanceolate-elliptic, 3-7 by 0.6-1.3 cm, apex obtuse to acute, not peltate, base clasping the stem for 1/2 its circumference; Seeds filiform, 10.5 by 0.5 mm.


Aceh: present Angasan to Lake Toba: present Asia-Tropical:, Sumatera (Sumaterapresent) Sumatera Utara: present
Sumatra: Aceh&Sumatera Utara Provinces, Angasan to Lake Toba




1 Nepenthes mikei has long been confused with N. tobaica with which it looks extremely similar, but differs in the branched (not simple) spur and the 1-flowered (not 2-flowered) partial peduncles. 3. The type material of N. mikei (named for Mike Hopkins of New Zealand), on which the protologue description appears solely based, was cultivated in New Zealand from material collected by its authors on Mt Pangulubau in 1989. 4. Nepenthes angasanensis Maulder, D. Schubert, B. Salmon & B. Quinn was published () in the closing stages of this manuscript. The authors argue that specimens we assigned to this species in represent a separate taxon. We suspect that it may prove not distinct from N. mikei and here treat it as a synonym. 2. Van Steenis 8331A represents an exceptionally large specimen of this otherwise morphologically uniform species, and accounts for the higher figures in the dimensions given in the description above for pitcher and leaf. It may represent a hybrid with another species such as the sympatric N. densiflora.


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