Nepenthes burkei

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Nepenthes burkei


Terrestrial or epiphytic climber 1-2 m tall. Leaves subcoriaceous, sessile, those of basal rosettes unknown; Inflorescences unknown. Fruit valves up to 15 mm long. Seed unknown.


Asia-Tropical:, Philippines (Philippinespresent) Mindoro: present Panay Islands: present
Philippines: Mindoro and Panay Islands.




Nepenthes burkei is closely related to N. ventricosa of Luzon and even more closely related to N. sibuyanensis of Sibuyan. Nepenthes burkei can be distinguished from the former by the less strongly waisted, green-blotched purple pitchers with lid as large as mouth. In N. ventricosa the pitchers are more narrowly waisted, glossy yellowish white, with lids much smaller than the mouth. Nepenthes sibuyanensis has non-waisted, massive pitchers.


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