Nepenthes sanguinea

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Nepenthes sanguinea


Terrestrial climber to at least 6 m tall. Leaves coriaceous, sessile, leaves at base of the climbing stems largest, thinnest and long-spathulate, up to 20 by 5.2 cm, apex obtuse to slightly acuminate, base spathulate or cuneate, clasping the stem for 1/2-2/3 its diam., decurrent for 3-4 mm at 45°, auriculate, the lobes 3-6 mm long, rarely not auriculate; Fruits with valves 20-25 mm long. Seeds fusiform, 10 mm long, rugose in centre.


Asia-Tropical:, Malaya (Peninsular Malaysiapresent); Thailand (Thailandpresent)
Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia.




Nepenthes sanguinea is distinguished from N. macfarlanei in the more or less sharply 3-angled, glabrescent stems, the lower lid surface either lacking or possessing very few hairs, the pitchers not abruptly contracted below the peristome, and the inner edge of the peristome lacking teeth. It is not likely that N. sanguinea would be confused with the other montane species of Peninsular Malaysia (N. ramispina and N. gracillima) since these are much smaller species with more slender pitchers. See the key to highland Peninsular Malaysian species under N. gracillima.


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