Ficus binnendijkii

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Ficus binnendijkii


Tree up to 10 (or more?) m tall, hemi-epiphytic or (secondarily?) terrestrial. internal hairs absent. Leaves spirally arranged; stipules 1-2 cm long, glabrous, caducous. Ovary partly red.


Asia-Tropical:, Borneopresent; Jawa (Jawapresent); Malaya (Peninsular Malaysiapresent); Sumatera (Sumaterapresent)
Malesia: Sumatra, Malay Peninsula, Java, Borneo.


2Sterile specimens with lanceolate laminas, 12-25 cm long, with 7-14 pairs of lateral veins, the basal lateral veins are usually short, up to 1/20-1/10 the length of the lamina, and the margin often revolute towards the base of the lamina, have been regarded as representing the juvenile form of F. binnendijkii. The venation of the lamina shows more similarities to that of F. benjamina, than the presumably adult specimens do. This would be the only case (in subg. Urostigma) of clear differences between the juvenile and the adult state. Some doubt is shed on the supposition by features of figs assigned to the ‘juvenile’ form. They are clearly larger (c. 1 cm diam.) than of ‘adult’ specimens. The ‘juvenile’ form is worldwide cultivated as indoor and outdoor ornamental. 3The identity of the examined material referred to var. latifolia Corner is too uncertain to include the variety in the synonymy of the species (). 1This species shows similarities to F. pallescens, but clearly differs in the more numerous lateral veins, the shorter basal lateral veins, and the smaller veins of the lamina which are clearly visible above.


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