Leea papuana

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Leea papuana


Treelet up to 5 m, single- or multi-stemmed, ultimate parts of the stem glabrous to pubescent, sometimes slightly ribbed. Leaves 1- (or 2-) pinnate, clustered at the apex of the stem. Inflorescences 4-8 cm long, condensed, glabrous to pubescent; Flowers 5-merous, orange-yellow. Ovary 6-8-celled, style 4-5 mm. Fruit 25-40 mm ø, orange-red;


Malesia: New Guinea: Papua (Western, Central, Northern, and Milne Bay Districts). .


BAKER f. - in J. Bot. 1924: 54
RIDSDALE - in Blumea. 1974: f. 1/1, 6/8-9