Ctenitis alteroblumei


Asia-Tropical:, Jawa (Jawa present); Lesser Sunda Is. (Bali present) S Sumatra: present
Malesia: S Sumatra, Java, Bali.


For discussion on Aspidium intermedium Blume see Ctenitis vilis above. Blume sent to Hooker one pinna of the type of the present species with the name Aspidium intermedium; Hooker (1862) merely copied Blume's description and cited specimens of other species also.


Ctenitis alteroblumei Holttum in Blumea 31: f. lc, 3a, b. 1985
    • Type: Blume s.n.
    • Type: Blume s.n. (L).
  • =Nephrodium blumei in Sp. Fil. 4: 135. 1862
  • =Aspidium pulvinuliferum, Pteridop. Buitenzorg: 177. 1898
  • Dryopteris pulvinulifera, Malayan Ferns: 200. 1908