Tectaria brooksii


Asia-Tropical:, Borneo present E New Guinea: present S & Central Celebes: present
Malesia: Borneo, S & Central Celebes, E New Guinea.


See comment under T. labrusca. Copeland (I. c. 1911) was the first person to note that Aspidium labrusca sensu Hook. (1864) was based on specimens of two species; he distinguished between them in the brief diagnosis of his species.


Malayan Ferns. 1908: 517


Tectaria brooksii Copel. in Philipp. J. Sci. 6: Bot. 137, pl. 20b. 1911
  • Aspidium brooksii (Copel.) C. Chr., Index Filic.: 7. 1913
  • Dictyopteris brooksii (Copel.) Alderw., Malayan Ferns: 322. 1917
    • Isotype: C. J. Brooks 26a (BM).
    • Type: C. J. Brooks 26a (MICH).
  • =Poiypodium labrusca, Syn. Fil.: 361. 1868
  • Aspidium labrusca, Bull. Int. Acad. Sci. Cracovie: 61. 1902
  • Dictyopteris labrusca in Bull. Dép. Agric. Ind. Néerl. 18: 16. 1908