Chenopodium acuminatum

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Chenopodium acuminatum


Waste ground. D Sjæ København 1917, 1929, 1930 (probably with soybean), 1969. S Sk Lund 1924, BhG Göteborg 1929, 1930, 1932,1933. F i/Helsinki 1935 (filling soil), Vantaa 1983 (freighting station), EH Tampere 1960-74 (with Russian railway transports). - C and E Asia.

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F aasiansavikka. - Erect, up to 90 cm. Leaf-blades ovate to broadly ovate, up to 7 cm, acute to obtuse, usually mucronate, yellowish- to brownish-green, farinose below when young, with tubular hairs in the leaf axils; margin entire, with membranous borders. Inflorescences branched; branches ebracteate, dense, spike-like; inflorescence axes densely covered with tubular hairs; glomerules small. Tepals 5, keeled, with vesicular hairs on the margin. Seed horizontal, orbicular in outline, c. 1 mm. - Probably not setting seed in Norden. - [2n=l 8]