Chenopodium simplex

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Chenopodium simplex


- Similar to (10) but pericarp not adherent to the seed, seed more flat, with slightly keeled edge, and very finely rugulose seed-coat. - [2n=36]


N ST Skaun 1935 (grain mill); non-fruiting specimens possibly belonging to this species have been collected at mills in 0f Moss 1970 and Ho Bergen at least 1920, 1922 and 1941. S BhG Göteborg 1930, 1959. F grain mills, ports, loading places, brought in with North American grain and soybeans (first record 1923): V Turku, U Helsinki, St Loimaa, EH Riihimäki and OP Oulu. - North America; a fairly rare casual in Europe.


( , ). F plataanisavikka. N amerikansk hjertemelde. S platanmålla.

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