Chenopodium borbasioides

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Chenopodium borbasioides


- Similar to Chenopodium album (15) but leaves with long petiole and ovate, often slightly 3-lobed blade, with large teeth at or above the middle and few other, often slightly incurved teeth, and attenuate base. - Usually not flowering and never setting seed in Norden. The circumscription and affinities of this taxon are unclear (Dvorak 1991).


Waste ground, tips, grain mills etc. D ØJy �rhus 1928, 1963, Sjæ Holte 1927, København area several records 1917-75, Skamlebæk 1940, LFM Nykøbing 1961. N ST Trondheim 1968. S Sk Lackalänga several records 1925-33, Malmö several records 1921-33, Smi Bergunda 1924, BhG Goteborg area several localities 1925-53, Uddevalla 1938, Srm Nacka 1907,1931-32, Upl Stockholm 1920. - Argentina.


( ). N argentinamelde. S pampasmålla.

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