Chenopodium antarcticum

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Chenopodium antarcticum


Southern America: Argentina South nativeA
S Sk Lackalänga 1949 (with wool). - Patagonia.
A. Maevia N. Correa 1984: Flora Patagonica (Salicaceae a Cruciferae) 8


- Perennial, prostrate to ascending, richly branched from the base, farinose. Basal leaves with petiole often longer than the blade; blade broadly ovate, up to 4 x 2 cm, deeply lobed, pinnate or bipinnate; bracts dentate to entire. Inflorescences spike-like, bracteate almost to the top, composed of sessile glomerules. Flowers dimorphic; terminal ones with 4-5 tepals, lateral ones with 2-4. Tepals narrow. Seed horizontal in terminal flowers, vertical in lateral ones, broadly ovoid in outline, 0.7-1 mm.

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