Dysphania glomulifera

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Dysphania glomulifera


S Sk Lackalänga 1949 (wool refuse). - SE Australia. The Nordic material belongs to subsp. glomulifera.


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- Prostrate to erect annual, up to 10 cm, with sparse glandular hairs. Leaves spirally arranged, up to 1 cm, narrowly elliptic, entire. Flowers ebracteolate, in axillary, sessile glomerules; terminal ones bisexual, with 3 tepals and 2 stamens; lateral ones female, with 1 or 2 tepals; tepals whitish, to 1 mm, hooded. Stigmas 1 or 2. Seed vertical, ellipsoidal but laterally compressed, brownish, 0.5 mm; seed-coat almost smooth.