Chenopodium probstii

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Chenopodium probstii


- Similar to Chenopodium album (15), but plants tall, often with red-striped stem; leaf-blades thick, almost coriaceous, sometimes red especially near the margin, broadly ovate, 3-lobed, margin coarsely serrate to dentate. Inflorescence spike-like. Not flowering in Norden. - [2n=54]


A few collections are generally referred to this taxon: D 0Jy �rhus. N 0/Fredrikstad and Moss, Ak Oslo, V/Larvik (all 1968-88, in Moss and Larvik with soybean). S Sk Lackalänga 1937, BhG Backa 1947, Göteborg several records 1929-60, Mölndal 1948 and Nödinge 1948, 1954-56. F V Naantali several records 1975-83, Raisio several records 1981-89, {/Helsinki 1963, 1976, 1983, EH Tampere 1985, PH Jyväskylä 1956. - North America (or possibly China).


F soijasavikka. N mølle melde. S probstmålla.

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