Abbreviations and symbols

Nomenclature and synonymy

= Heterotypic synonym (which has another nomenclatural type than the preceding 
≡  Homotypic synonym (which has the same nomenclatural type as the preceding name)
[...] Names in brackets refer to taxa that are not members of the flora of Cuba
[non ...] Earlier homonym, referring to a different taxon, which makes a cited synonym illegitimate or prevents the transfer of an epithet
“” Misapplied names and those that were not validly published are put between quotation marks
auct. Follows after a misapplied name that is put between quotation marks
homon. Name that is illegitimate by reason of being a later homonym
nom. cons. Nomen conservandum, conserved name, which is available for use
nom. cons. des. Nomen conservandum designatum, a name for which conservation has been approved but not yet ratified
nom. cons. prop. Nomen conservandum proponendum, a name for which conservation will have to be proposed
nom. illeg. Name that is illegitimate by reason of being nomenclaturally superfluous when published
nom. inval. Follows after a name that is not validly published and is put between quotation marks
nom. rej. Nomen rejiciendum, rejected name, not to be used



AmC Central America
AmN North America (including Mexico)
AmS South America (including Trinidad, Tobago, Curaçao, Margarita, etc.)
Art Province Artemisa
Bah Bahamas
CA  Province Ciego de Ávila
Cam Province Camagüey
Cay Cayman Islands
Ci Province Cienfuegos
CuC Central Cuba
CuE East Cuba
CuW West Cuba
Esp Hispaniola
Gr Province Granma
Gu Province Guantánamo
Hab* Province La Habana
Ho Province Holguín
IJ Municipio especial Isla de la Juventud
Ja Jamaica
LT Province Las Tunas
Mat Province Matanzas
May Province Mayabeque
Men Lesser Antilles (including Virgin Islands)
PR* Province Pinar del Río
PRc Puerto Rico
SC Province Santiago de Cuba
SS Province Sancti Spíritus
VC Province Villa Clara
VM Old World (including Australia and the Pacific Islands)


Presence status

Endemic to Cuba
+ Present and native
Reported in error
? Presence doubtful
D Present but doubtfully native
N Naturalised
P Not native but possibly naturalised
A Frequent casual alien
(A) Rare and ephemeral casual alien
C Widely cultivated
(C) Cultivated only occasionally, or no longer


Sources (of a misapplied or invalid name – see also Bibliography)

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p. p. pro parte, in part
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