Silene dichotoma Ehrh.

Silene dichotoma Ehrh.


    • =Silene dichotoma subsp. racemosa Graebn. & P. Graebn.
    • =Silene divaricata Sm.
    • =Silene praedichotoma P. Candargy
    • Silene dichotoma subsp. praedichotoma (P. Candargy) Rech. f.
    • =Silene racemosa Otth
    • =Silene sibthorpiana Rchb.
    • Silene dichotoma subsp. sibthorpiana (Rchb.) Rech. f.


    (NC NE NAe WAe Kik KK EAe

    Greece (East Aegean islands present; Kiklades present; Kriti and Karpathos present; North Aegean islands present; North Central Greece present; North-East Greece present; West Aegean islands present)


    Native / Non Range-Restricted


    European-SW Asian




    Xeric Mediterranean Phrygana and grasslands, Agricultural and Ruderal habitats

    IUCN category

    Not Evaluated

    Presidential Decree 67/81



    CountryDateCollector + collecting numberHerbariaTypeScanDerivatives
    Greece10 Apr 2017Willing,R. & Willing, E. 275580B
    Citation: Greece, Lassithi, S Nophalias, 35°17'52.008"N, 25°38'43.008"E, 10 Apr 2017, Willing,R. & E. Willing 275580 (B B 10 0732099)

    Specimen summary: B B 10 0732099
    Preferred stable URI:

    Greece26 Apr 2017Willing,R. & Willing, E. 276252B
    Citation: Greece, Irakleion, SO Lochria, 35°9'11.016"N, 24°47'12.012"E, 26 Apr 2017, Willing,R. & E. Willing 276252 (B B 10 0732766)

    Specimen summary: B B 10 0732766
    Preferred stable URI:

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