Scilla messeniaca Boiss.

Scilla messeniaca Boiss.


  • Schnarfia messeniaca (Boiss.) Speta

Taxon info

Scilla messeniaca is endemic to the foothills of Mt Taigetos, mainly on the W side, growing in damp rock ledges and ravines, sometimes together with Galanthus reginae-olgae (Plate 1: 6). It is larger than S. bifolia (a polyploid complex common in the mountains of Greece), with 5–7 broad leaves and up to 15 flowers, which are distinctly bracteate and a somewhat paler shade of blue.A
A. Dimopoulos, P., Raus, Th., Bergmeier, E., Constantinidis, Th., Iatrou, G., Kokkini, S., Strid, A. & Tzanoudakis, D. 2013: Vascular plants of Greece: An annotated checklist. 31: p. 342 [Plate 13.5]



Greece (Peloponnisos present)


Native / Range-Restricted


Greek endemic


Geophyte (Cryptophyte)


Xeric Mediterranean Phrygana and grasslands, Woodlands and scrub

IUCN category

Not Evaluated

Presidential Decree 67/81


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