Cenchrus tribuloides L.

Cenchrus tribuloides L.

Placement status: name or taxon excluded (unspecific)



    Alien / Established

    IUCN category

    Not Evaluated

    Presidential Decree 67/81



    The plants that now have been named Cenchrus spinifex Cav. were previously identified as C. tribuloides L. (Biel & Tan 2016: 432); this species is even larger in all its floral parts (spines and spikelets) and the ‘burs’ are even more densely villous pubescent, but the species is not known to be weedy.

    • Biel B. & Tan K. 2017: Reports 9–32. – Pp. 121–124 in: Vladimirov V., Aybeke M. & Tan K. (ed.), New floristic records in the Balkans: 32. – Phytol. Balcan. 32: 119–146.
    • Verloove, F. & Sánchez Gullón, E. 2012: A taxonomic revision of non-native Cenchrus s.str. (Paniceae, Poaceae) in the Mediterranean area. – Willdenowia 42: 67-75.

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