Rubus ulmifolius Schott

Rubus ulmifolius Schott

Placement status: name or taxon excluded (unspecific) (Reported in error (Hayek 1925: 662-663, Tutin & al. 1968: 15), but Greece altogether situated outside the total range of the species (easternmost occurrences in Istria and Calabria, see map in Weber 1995: 369). R. ulmifolius is replaced on the Balkan Peninsula and further east by its vicariant R. sanctus. A single, recently published record of R. ulmifolius from Thessaly (Petroton, mapped in Kurtto & al. 2010:65) probably refers to a casual introduction (Weber 1995: 370).)


    • =Rubus ulmifolius subsp. rusticanus (Merc.) Focke


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