Ophrys sphegodes subsp. atrata (Rchb. f.) A. Bolòs

Ophrys sphegodes subsp. atrata (Rchb. f.) A. Bolòs

Placement status: name or taxon excluded (unspecific) (A W & C Mediterranean element considered absent from Greece. Its occurrence in IoI, previously supposed by Hölzinger & al. (1985: 20, 42), has not been confirmed (Kapteyn den Boumeester & Willing 1988, Hirth 2002). Literature records from mainland Greece and the Aegean area (Euro+Med 2006–, incorrectly inferred from Boissier 1884: 78) are referable to O. sphegodes subsp. mammosa and O. sphegodes subsp. sphegodes, respectively (see, e.g., Rechinger 1944: 818-819).)


  • Ophrys aranifera var. atrata Rchb. f.
  • Ophrys aranifera subsp. atrata (Rchb. f.) Arcang.
  • =Ophrys incubacea Bianca


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