Key for Odontonema Nees

1Corolla white
1'Corolla red
2Inflorescence erect, a compact terminal thyrse or raceme of 3-15 cm long
2'Inflorescence pendent, an elongated, terminal raceme or rarely a branched panicle of 23-45(-58) cm long
3Flowers in fascicles of 4-5 along hirtellous rachis; calyx lobes narrowly triangular, 1-3 x 0.5-1 mm; corolla 35-42 mm long, puberulent
3'Flowers 2 per node, rachis red, puberulous; calyx lobes reddish, narrowly lanceolate, 6.5-7.5 x 1 mm; corolla 40-50 mm long, glandular-puberulent
4Corolla straight, 10-11 mm wide at middle; leaf blade membranous, glossy and shining above, ash-colored below
4'Corolla distinctly curved, 5-7 mm wide at middle; leaf blade firm not membranous, dark green and not glossy and shining above, gray green below