Key for Paradrymonia Hanst.

1Leaf base long decurrent
1'Leaf base cuneate, rounded, or slightly cordate
3Stem shorter than the leaves, decumbent, apex erect
3'Stem longer than the leaves, applied to the ground or rocks
4Leaves strongly unequal in a pair
4'Leaves equal or subequal in a pair
5Adventitious roots borne along a straight longitudinal line at and between nodes (like Hedera helix)
5'Adventitious roots borne only at nodes
6Leaf blade < 6 cm long; flowers solitary
6'Leaf blade > 7 cm long; flowers in a large inflorescence
7Stem lianescent and appressed to the support, or suffrutescent herb; flowers 1-3 per axil
7'Stem erect; flowers several in an axil