Key for Heisteria Jacquin

1Liana or (sub)scandent shrub; drupe light orange or cherry red, fruit-calyx green, reflexed, 12-14 mm diam. when expanded; peduncle of drune 12-15(-20) mm long.
1'Erect (or exceptionally subscandent) shrubs or trees.
2Calyx slightly accrescent towards fructification, i.e. fruit-calyx remaining cup-shaped and surrounding only the base of the drupe, greenish or dull red, 2-3(-7) mm diam., 1.5-2(- 3) mm high; drupe pale yellow to orange, peduncle 1.5-4 mm long.
2'Calyx much accrescent towards fructification, i.e. fruit-calyx large, turning crimson red or purplish, sometimes pink.
3Main secondary veins (usually 10-14 pairs) in a subrectangular angle from the primary vein, straight to the margin and markedly subparallel to each other: peduncle of drupe ca. 2 mm long.
3'Main secondary veins (usually 6-8 pairs) in a more or less acute angle from the primary vein, curved ascending to various degrees; peduncle of drupe 4-20 mm long
4Fruit-calyx suborbicular, shallowly lobed, finally reflexed, 15(-20) mm diam. when expanded.
4'Fruit-calyx deeply lobed, not renexed.
5Fruit-calyx lobed to almost the base, ca. 45 mm diam. when expanded.
5'Fruit-calyx lobed about halfway, 10-25 mm diam. when expanded.