Key for Icacinaceae

1Trees or shrubs.
1'Lianas or climbing shrubs.
2Flowers unisexual (pistillate rudiment present in staminate flowers); fruit compressed, bean-shaped, convex side black, ribbed, concave side with white cushion.
2'Flowers perfect; fruit not much compressed, without sharp ribs at one side and a cushion at the other side.
3Leaves stellate-lepidote-pubescent, tertiary veins indistinct; petals united, glabrous inside.
3'Leaves without stellate-lepidote hairs, tertiary veins usually distinct; pe- tals free, pubescent inside.
4Inflorescences about as long as or shorter than petiole, to 3 cm long; petals lanate on the midrib inside; ovary 2-3-celled; fruit dorso-ventrally compressed, ribbed, to 2 cm long.
4'Inflorescences much longer than petiole; petals pubescent on the midrib inside but not lanate; ovary 1-celled; fruit ellipsoid, 3-4 cm long.
5Flowers not articulate to pedicel; petals glabrous inside
5'Flowers articulate to pedicel; petals pubescent inside.
6Inflorescences axillary; anthers oblong, connective linear; mature fruit to 3 x 5 cm, purplish, glabrous.
6'Inflorescences terminal; anthers and connective triangular; mature fruit to 5x 8 cm, yellow to orange, densely puberulous.