Key for Allophylus L.

1Leaves unifoliolate
1'Leaves trifoliolate
2Leaflets membranous, with serrate margins, adaxially dull, abaxially puberulent, especially along veins, the apex acuminate to acute
2'Leaflets chartaceous-coriaceous, with subentire or crenate-serrate margins, adaxially shiny, abaxially glabrous, the apex acute, obtuse and retuse, or subacuminate
3Leaflets abaxially conspicuously appressed-pubescent
3'Leaflets abaxially glabrous or puberulent, if pubescent, hairs only along the veins
4Leaflets chartaceous, obtuse to acute at apex; petioles tomentulose or sparsely pubescent, terete or nearly so
4'Leaflets membranaceous, acuminate or long-acuminate at apex; petioles glabrous, puberulent or appressed-pubescent, flattened, canaliculate
5Leaflets with entire or wavy margins; axillary inflorescences unbranched (racemiform); pistillate flower with stipitate ovary; petals ca. 1.2 mm long; monocarps 1.2-1.5 cm long
5'Leaflets with serrate or obtusely serrate margins; axillary inflorescence branched (at least with a basal branch); pistillate flowers with sessile ovary; petals ca. 2.2. mm long; monocarps 5-8 mm long