Key for Schultesia Mart.

1Pedicels 1-3 (rarely 6-10 and then only the lowest ones) mm long (flowers appear sessile); calyx 20-45 mm long, corolla 30-60 mm long, pink to purple, stamens as long as or longer than style and stigma; fruit 10-18 mm long
1'Pedicels 2-50 mm long (only uppermost flowers appear sessile); calyx 5-23 mm long, corolla 6-34 mm long, (pale) yellow to salmon to brown to pink/purple, stamens as long as or shorter than style and stigma; fruit 2-13 mm long
2Minute plant, 4-6 cm tall; leaves linear; bracts and bracteoles 3-7 mm long; calyx 5-10 mm long, connate m 2/3 of length, corolla pale yellow, 6-11 mm long, lobes 1.5-2 mm long, connate ca. 3/4 of length; fruit 2-4.5 mm long
2'Small to robust plant, 4-60 cm tall; leaves linear to ovate-elliptic; bracts and bracteoles 7-40 mm long; calyx 8-23 mm long, connate < 2/3 of length, corolla 12-34 mm long, lobes 4-15 mm long, connate 1/2 to ca. 2/3 in length; fruit 5-13 mm long
3Calyx ribbed (vein thickened), corolla lobe entire to irregularly denticulate, connate 2/3 of length, filaments without basal appendages, inserted 1/2-2/3 from base of corolla tube
3'Calyx winged, wings with obvious venation, corolla lobe entire, connate 1/2-2/3 of length, filaments with basal appendages, insertion 1/3 from base of corolla tube
4Leaves linear-narrowly ovate, 0.1-0.35 cm wide; calyx connate < 1/2 of length, style and stigma almost always much longer than stamens, longest stamens always longer than corolla tube (flowers look ‘too big’ for plant)
4'Leaves narrowly ovate-ovate, glaucous, 0.2-1.1 cm wide; calyx connate 1/2-2/3 of length, style and stamens ca. same length (stigma usually rising above stamens), stamens ca. same length as corolla tube